My first blog…

I started this blog in 2007 as part of a Management of Information Technology course at the School for International Training. I have deleted most of my original posts about the course, but wanted to keep this first post in the archives. The only thing I am currently adding to the list is being a yoga teacher, all the rest still apply. And hey, I am even doing some of them now.

So it only took me a few days after class to get here! But finally here I am…I have 4 email accounts to check on a daily basis, so I have to add this to the list! I should probably make this first, as it is required. Anyway, I believe I am supposed to bare my soul about my deepest wishes for my professional career. I have so many things that I want to do, I hope that I can fulfill most of my dreams within a life time. I think it is totally possible! Some things I have already checked off the list. I am just going to list them off in no particular order, just keep in mind the list could change on a daily basis, adding things mostly, sometimes deleting. Here goes:

-Change the world! (Or atleast some part of it, affect large scale change.) Haha, so idealistic!
-Be a part of the field of social responsibility!
-Be a manager, executive of a non-profit or socially responsible business.
-Start an online fair trade gallery of international art.
-Open a physical space to continue this work, along with a fair trade, organic, local cafe.
-Be someone that advocates for policy change, through a business or organization.
-Create public-private partnerships.
-Be involved with youth, high school and college level, in some way. Inspire poor rural students to pave the way for themselves…like I did! Let them know that although it is hard work, you can make it somewhere bigger and support yourself while doing it.
-Master’s of Fine Art.
-Doctorate, maybe in Applied Anthropology…
-Teach college courses.
-Write a book…I have thought about a family memoir of the struggles that my grandmother, mother, aunt’s, etc. encountered, something completely different!
-After I do all of these things, and save lots of money I want to travel around and volunteer and be philanthropic…maybe the Peace Corp, when I am 50!

That is all for now in the professional sphere! Next will be my specific goals for this class…shorter list, no less interesting.

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