A student just sent this to my email, it raises questions I myself have raised. And reminded me of my dear Rwandan friend, Claudine.

Did They Know

Did they know that there

actions would be studied

world round years later?

Were they aware that every

morning noon and night their

actions were to be taken notice

by the whole world?

That their actions would change world history?

How did they feel at that time?

How did their thoughts make them feel and what

motivated them more,

the feelings derived from being a mass killer

or what it felt like to continue?

The feelings the thoughts gave them

or the thoughts the feelings gave them?

Were they killing for the

cathartic release of insanity

or because their thoughts seemed so correct

their thoughts seemed so logical

that it felt good to kill?

What was it like to participate in the Rwandan genocide?

What was it like to look at the lists of names

and give death commands and

to receive death commands?

Was there ever a moment when

just the sound of the words in the air

seemed out of place during the 100 days?

What was the pathology;

a desire of unity;

seeking the truth;

or metaphysical emancipation?

They were trying to start something or they were trying to end it.

Did they know that they had

dove fully into insanity

and they could not get out; were

they just saving their own skin;

or did they love it and were

consumed by the anger?

We need to consider this to prevent it from happening again.

Can you hear me now?

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