Notes from a weekend with Rolf

I am just settling in to my newly organized office space, aka my bedroom with a desk in it. After many months of dreaming, planning, organizing, I am embarking on a magnificent entrepreneurial journey inspired by yoga, supported by authors and entrepreneurs like Blake Mycoskie and Tim Ferriss, and truly infused by my practice and those that I learn from. I regularly take am yoga classes with Shannah Green at Eyes of the World. A wonderful way to maintain learning and zest for my practice. This weekend was an exquisite intensive drop-in with a leader and teacher, Rolf Gates. His ability to inspire personal transformation is something I aspire to, and his compassionate wisdom is what brought me strongly in to the new year. A few thoughts from my workshop this past weekend…

“We must cultivate and hold with a steady effort the vision we have for ourselves.” -Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison, Meditations from the Mat

Yoga is deadly simple. It brings us from misunderstanding, to understanding.

Consider seeing life beyond dualism. Am I drawing a line here in thin air? And then placing myself and others above or below it?

Live skillfully. Thoughts are actions. Take responsibility.

Release stuck energy in the body, release the mind.

Intention organizes its own fulfillment. Have faith and courage in the process as your intention manifests.

I want to lead, coach, and advise others to live a full, thriving life through yoga. To be effortless in devotion, practice, and mindfulness. Step fully into my purpose.

“Like a trapeze artist, you must be willing to let go of one ring before you catch the next one.” -Rolf Gates, Faith and Flow: A Vinyasa Yoga Intensive, Kripalu Center, January 1, 2012

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