One week

Amazing how much can change in one week. In the past week I have…

Become a full-time business owner.
Applied to teach yoga at the YMCA.
Turned down another job to teach yoga at a gym (if you are interested, let me know).
Added new friends and acquaintances in the RI yoga community, and the Providence business community.
Finally had several home made meals within days or hours of each other.
Took long breaks, and a three day weekend because I wasn’t feeling well and because I just wanted to.
Spent time dreaming about a 6-month mini retirement in the South Pacific, inspired by the 4-Hour Work Week.
Read Bossypants and almost peed my own pants (while in the Brown Bookstore… I really tried to keep it together for the sake of my studious neighbors).
Listened or participated in several telecasts and webinars to shape and grow my business.
Spent time with my two beautiful nieces who teach me how to think creatively about what to do with a 3 and 8 year old on a Thursday night.
Admired my handsome partner in crime and all of the amazing things he is doing in life.

I am sure there are more, but reflecting on a week gone by in which I felt like I didn’t get much done just goes to show how much really happened. I have taken a step in faith, to live life fully and completely. Stepping into my own path has been in the works for a while, but man it is great when you finally get there. And I have only just gotten started…

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