Why do yoga during your work day??

This is what one of my regular students had to say about doing yoga during her regular work week. I had the great opportunity to work with her in a variety of ways, but most recently in my week day yoga class at Brandeis University. “I was always trying to get more people to do more things with less resources at work. It is pretty chaotic. It creates an intense amount of stress… I get very tired, agitated, tense in my shoulders and lower back. I crave caffeine and sugar. I feel my self clenching my jaw all the time. When I walk out of class on a Wednesday, I feel as good or better than how I felt Monday morning. I don’t feel clenched up, more relaxed… and what ever is going to happen will happen, we will figure it out. I want more, I crave yoga during the week. I feel relaxed, centered, calm, focused – that is a very big deal for me. I notice what I don’t get from doing weight training and cardio and it makes me want more yoga. Because this in the middle of my work day, middle of my work week, it makes me feel like I can get through the rest of the week! I feel renewed. It definitely puts you back in touch with yourself. I do wonder what this would feel like if I did it everyday. I mean wow.” She also let us know that she: sleeps better on days she does yoga has more patience at work and with her family stays clear, gets rid of the static in her mind enjoys the physical stretching, twisting, and balancing Judith has been practicing on a regular basis with Audra Grady at Brandeis University over the past 6 months.

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