Top 10 Reasons to Invest in the Join the Movement Campaign

10. You are my family, friend, or colleague and you support my mission to be a self-employed social entrepreneur.

9. You started a business on your own and want to help a start-up get off the ground.

8. You know that over 50% of start-ups fail without financial support and business education. I have the education, looking for more support…

7. You have a dream to start you own venture some day, and you want to have good karma for when you take the leap. 😉

6. You just practiced yoga and your feeling particularly appreciative, compassionate, and generous.

5. You haven’t donated your 10% yet this month.

4. You want a free class in the conference room down the hall from your office. (You aren’t afraid to be seen in down dog at work!)

3. You want to create local jobs, for real people in Rhode Island.

2. You know that if individuals find peace, then we can build more peace around the world. In families, communities, workplaces…

1. You believe in the power of yoga to transform lives. Period.

Join the movement.

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