Upon returning from San Francisco last week, I enjoyed reading about more places to visit when I return! I look forward to studying with great teachers in the Bay Area. Thanks Dana, for introducing me to a more informal side of Spirit Rock.


Dana Flynn When I was living in oakland in the late 90’s and studying with Rodney Yee, one of the greatest boons for me was Spirit Rock! Spirit Rock Meditation Center became my Spiritual home and sacred spot where I could rest my heart and get to know its contents. There is lots of land with great trails, retreat, Jai Uttal would come sing. Ram Das would visit, families came to take refuge in the teachings, togetherness and also during times of great difficulty and loss. Always during a meditative moment with Jack Kornfield, you’d hear a kids voice scream out. And yes, we’d get to include it all.

The drive alone was hilly and green, especially after the rains where wild flowers seemed to grow right out of the rocks. I would drive and drive until I would see cows decorating the hills and horses too, that was my compass, that…

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