We grow together.

I just have to write. To sit down and do it. As a part of MY daily practice. As something that triggers my creative memory and pulls me from the dark ashes of life. As a part of me, down in words on paper. Putting myself out there into the world. It isn’t easy to share your story, your self, your ideas. But if my mission here is to be something bigger, to be a catalyst for personal and global transformation, then I must break down the walls of self-preservation and allow for the flow through me. It is not I speaking, it is us, all of us. The same energy that I have, you have. And we all have, all living things, all sentient beings, every atom, cell, and particle that make up our universe.

So I share with you part of my daily practice. As it grows, we grow together.

We are tiny, but grand parts of the plan. Our time here is limited and precious.

What will you make out of it?

Will you pursue your dreams?

The ones that beg to see the light from deep within you.

Will you let your wild self be free to be?

To shine a brilliant light unto the world.

Will you allow yourself to share your gifts and passions?

And free others from the chains they wield around themselves every day.

Be free and know that you are amazing. Be the change and allow your gifts to shine through.

Define your purpose, uncover its magnificence and share with us your power.

Be all that you can be, all that you know you are, all that you shirk away from in an attempt to be normal.

Normal is for the matrix. Light is for uncovering truth of the matter, that it all exists and doesn’t exist, that this life, this reality is an illusion of our minds, our ego playing a grand game of thrones.

We exist to pursue our purpose. To find our mission and stop at nothing to achieve it. We exist to be free, joyous, and happy. We are here to love and be loved. That’s all. If you were happy, free, joyous and surrounded by love what would you do each day? How would you be in the world?

Are you free to be, whatever you want to be? Who holds you back? I think the only answer is I. I hold myself back. I build up walls and lock myself in. I don’t allow for the joy and happiness to live past a moment, a glance in time. I put myself back in the walls and allow the ivy to grow up thick around them. I lock the gate and throw the key out, only to longingly reach for it day after day, and struggle to ever touch it again.

Addiction rules our lives in this matrix. It doesn’t have to be drugs to wrap you up into your ego so tight that you feel you can never break free. I am an addict. I like tv, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, sleep, self sabotage, pity, pride, money, or no money, exercise, or not, lose weight, gain weight. It is all a game, hopping from one indulgence to the next. We never fully rest. And when we do, we are scared to be alone with ourselves. Scared of what we might find. Not allowing our brilliance to shine through because we might be too big, too successful, have too much, be too much. What would people say then?

But they are in their own story too, and whatever they say about you is really a mirror for their own matrix reality. It isn’t apparent to them that we are all stuck in the same struggle. And then, all of a sudden, it is. After we find something to quell our fear, some day, out of the blue, we realize. That isn’t me, that is some actor on a screen, and I am now the audience. And then the director.

Or something like that.

Are you free to be you?

Create a daily practice. Build a system to remind yourself constantly of your magnificence. Get support so that every time you fall off track, you can’t get back on. Get on track, to be your best, most brilliant self, each and every day. Let’s do it together.

21-Days. Challenge yourself. BE the change. Light yourself bright. Build a practice for a lifetime.


Love and namaste. Xo

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