Reflection. Desire. Action.

So last week, I finally decided. I finally committed to my desire. I finally allowed myself to live for desire, for dreams, instead of in fear.

I am moving to California. I am going to attend the California Institute for Integral Studies starting in September. I will pursue a PhD in East-West Psychology. I will integrate my practice and teaching of yoga and ayurveda with my new learning. I will start to develop my international changemaker retreats. And I will refine my writing skills for my debut as a published author some years down the road. Maybe 3, preferably 1.

I am done hiding out in the shadows. I am declaring my vision to you loud and clear.

What are you holding yourself back from?

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We grow together.

I just have to write. To sit down and do it. As a part of MY daily practice. As something that triggers my creative memory and pulls me from the dark ashes of life. As a part of me, down in words on paper. Putting myself out there into the world. It isn’t easy to share your story, your self, your ideas. But if my mission here is to be something bigger, to be a catalyst for personal and global transformation, then I must break down the walls of self-preservation and allow for the flow through me. It is not I speaking, it is us, all of us. The same energy that I have, you have. And we all have, all living things, all sentient beings, every atom, cell, and particle that make up our universe.

So I share with you part of my daily practice. As it grows, we grow together.

We are tiny, but grand parts of the plan. Our time here is limited and precious.

What will you make out of it?

Will you pursue your dreams?

The ones that beg to see the light from deep within you.

Will you let your wild self be free to be?

To shine a brilliant light unto the world.

Will you allow yourself to share your gifts and passions?

And free others from the chains they wield around themselves every day.

Be free and know that you are amazing. Be the change and allow your gifts to shine through.

Define your purpose, uncover its magnificence and share with us your power.

Be all that you can be, all that you know you are, all that you shirk away from in an attempt to be normal.

Normal is for the matrix. Light is for uncovering truth of the matter, that it all exists and doesn’t exist, that this life, this reality is an illusion of our minds, our ego playing a grand game of thrones.

We exist to pursue our purpose. To find our mission and stop at nothing to achieve it. We exist to be free, joyous, and happy. We are here to love and be loved. That’s all. If you were happy, free, joyous and surrounded by love what would you do each day? How would you be in the world?

Are you free to be, whatever you want to be? Who holds you back? I think the only answer is I. I hold myself back. I build up walls and lock myself in. I don’t allow for the joy and happiness to live past a moment, a glance in time. I put myself back in the walls and allow the ivy to grow up thick around them. I lock the gate and throw the key out, only to longingly reach for it day after day, and struggle to ever touch it again.

Addiction rules our lives in this matrix. It doesn’t have to be drugs to wrap you up into your ego so tight that you feel you can never break free. I am an addict. I like tv, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, sleep, self sabotage, pity, pride, money, or no money, exercise, or not, lose weight, gain weight. It is all a game, hopping from one indulgence to the next. We never fully rest. And when we do, we are scared to be alone with ourselves. Scared of what we might find. Not allowing our brilliance to shine through because we might be too big, too successful, have too much, be too much. What would people say then?

But they are in their own story too, and whatever they say about you is really a mirror for their own matrix reality. It isn’t apparent to them that we are all stuck in the same struggle. And then, all of a sudden, it is. After we find something to quell our fear, some day, out of the blue, we realize. That isn’t me, that is some actor on a screen, and I am now the audience. And then the director.

Or something like that.

Are you free to be you?

Create a daily practice. Build a system to remind yourself constantly of your magnificence. Get support so that every time you fall off track, you can’t get back on. Get on track, to be your best, most brilliant self, each and every day. Let’s do it together.

21-Days. Challenge yourself. BE the change. Light yourself bright. Build a practice for a lifetime.

Love and namaste. Xo

Peanut Butter Honey Ice Cream

Just a yummy treat… from my friends Meg and Heather!

Small World Supper Club

If you love peanut butter as much as I do, this will pretty much knock your socks off. It’s kind of like eating frozen, sweet, creamy peanut butter. In fact, that’s exactly what it’s like. With only 5 ingredients, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into: peanut butter heaven. Here goes!

Peanut Butter Honey Ice Cream – by Max Falkowitz via Serious Eats

  • 2 cups half and half
  • 1 cup smooth all-natural or homemade peanut butter (unsalted or lightly salted)
  • 1/2 cup honey (a darker honey, like wildflower or chestnut is best)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Kosher salt to taste (depending on how salty your peanut butter is)

Peanut Butter

PB Ice Cream prep



  1. In a blender or food processor, combine half and half, peanut butter, honey, and sugar. Blend until very smooth, about 30 seconds. Blend in salt 1/4 teaspoon at a time to taste. We actually used our immersion blender in a large bowl and it…

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Upon returning from San Francisco last week, I enjoyed reading about more places to visit when I return! I look forward to studying with great teachers in the Bay Area. Thanks Dana, for introducing me to a more informal side of Spirit Rock.


Dana Flynn When I was living in oakland in the late 90’s and studying with Rodney Yee, one of the greatest boons for me was Spirit Rock! Spirit Rock Meditation Center became my Spiritual home and sacred spot where I could rest my heart and get to know its contents. There is lots of land with great trails, retreat, Jai Uttal would come sing. Ram Das would visit, families came to take refuge in the teachings, togetherness and also during times of great difficulty and loss. Always during a meditative moment with Jack Kornfield, you’d hear a kids voice scream out. And yes, we’d get to include it all.

The drive alone was hilly and green, especially after the rains where wild flowers seemed to grow right out of the rocks. I would drive and drive until I would see cows decorating the hills and horses too, that was my compass, that…

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WordPress convert.

So, as you can see I have started a website for myself. And my old blog was imported here, to my WordPress blog. You can follow me on WordPress and/or receive my blog updates in your inbox.

In the world of yoga. I have started my 500 hour yoga teacher training with Kathryn Templeton. It is a double certification program that includes becoming a Ayurveda Yoga Specialist. In less than a year, I will be offering Ayurveda workshops and mentoring.

I have also created a new yoga series called Journey to the Heart to be offered at Jen McWalters Pilates studio in Pawtucket, RI this October and November. In addition, my virtual yoga mentoring program starts October 17th. Keep tabs on all my goings on at

Love and namaste.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in the Join the Movement Campaign

10. You are my family, friend, or colleague and you support my mission to be a self-employed social entrepreneur.

9. You started a business on your own and want to help a start-up get off the ground.

8. You know that over 50% of start-ups fail without financial support and business education. I have the education, looking for more support…

7. You have a dream to start you own venture some day, and you want to have good karma for when you take the leap. 😉

6. You just practiced yoga and your feeling particularly appreciative, compassionate, and generous.

5. You haven’t donated your 10% yet this month.

4. You want a free class in the conference room down the hall from your office. (You aren’t afraid to be seen in down dog at work!)

3. You want to create local jobs, for real people in Rhode Island.

2. You know that if individuals find peace, then we can build more peace around the world. In families, communities, workplaces…

1. You believe in the power of yoga to transform lives. Period.

Join the movement.

Summer Yoga Schedule

I will be teaching yoga at several locations this summer. Here is my weekly schedule of events:

Mondays 5:45pm @ Breathing Time Yoga Pawtucket
Tuesdays 7:00am @ East Side YMCA Providence (starts June 26th)
Tuesdays 9:00am @ Freedom Yoga Barrington
Tuesdays 5:30pm @ Body Kneads Yoga Cranston
Thursdays 7:00am @ East Side YMCA Providence

Additional Classes to be held:
(check back for updates)

Sunday 9:30am @ East Side YMCA Providence (June 17 & 24 only)
Sunday 4pm @ Body Kneads Yoga Cranston (July 15)

And coming up late summer and fall 2012, look for:

Workshop series at Jen McWalters Pilates Studio and an online group mentoring program with on location retreats!

Love and namaste.

How I started a business

I recently started a business. You may know this… but do you really know how I did it. Correction. How I am doing it. Many people I meet are intrigued that a woman at the late age of 28 has left typical work hours and struck out on her own. So I tell them the most pertinent parts of my journey and they are hungry for more. Asking questions. Creating change in their own perception of employment. And vowing to look at a book I mentioned, or email me to chat further. Just this weekend it happened to me twice. I met two separate couples that I shared my story with. They told me they were inspired, but honestly I am the one that continues to be inspired by the support new and old friends alike have given me. So here goes it… thanks to Heidi, Dan, Cindy and Jim for the inspiration to share.

Last summer I completed my yoga teacher training. I was working full-time at Brandeis University at the time. I had no immediate plans of leaving Brandeis, but did have big dreams of starting a business when heading into my teacher training. I wanted to be sure I really enjoyed teaching yoga first, and that I could be good at it. I mean really, if I ended up being an awful yoga teacher, found it wasn’t a gift that I would be blessed with, then how would I start a business around yoga. So, I packed up and left for St. Augustine, FL.

Fast forward to my return to Brandeis after completing my 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. My mind now brimming with ideas of what I could do as a teacher. I dove right in. Teaching once week at Brandeis in a conference room and once a week at Jen McWalter’s Pilates. I wanted to make sure that I kept moving forward and didn’t have a gap in my learning. Over the next few months I started attending the Power Up! business plan class at the Center for Women and Enterprise in Providence. I also found a great coach, Julia Kious Zabell. I started reading articles, blogs, researching people on Facebook, talking to yoga students and teachers… And I read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. And I listened to teleseminars almost every day in the car, on being a radiant yoga teacher, on building my business, on feminine leadership, on spirituality and faith in finances… You name it, I have probably listened to something similar.

From all that I have done, here is what was absolutely necessary for me to step away from my full-time job and be my own boss. And a few things essential for the transition…

1. Money
Now let me tell you, I didn’t have a lot of savings. But I had a bit, and I had a plan of action for at least the next six months. My plan included many back up plans including asking my family for support, working part-time, doing consulting projects on the side, teaching my butt off and starting to make profit with the business. I left Brandeis on January 23, 2012, so I am still in the midst of this six month plan and back up plan. And it hasn’t been easy, but I am making it work so far. When you have to make it happen, we usually find a way. If you have to, sell your stuff, get public assistance, sell your car… (I haven’t sold my car… yet)

2. Time
LOL. Time is a trap and a tease. It sucks you in, makes you think you have more than you do, requires way more to complete a project than you think it does, AND I did not move quickly through time when I first made the transition. I was completely drained when I was finally my own boss. Ultimately, time and transition are things that alter based on your own perspective and you need time to transition. So if you feel like time isn’t on your side, or you are not supposed to be this tired after making a huge leap in your life, change your own damn mind about it. It will take more time than you think to transition, more time for each project and task at first, and more time to make money. It isn’t you and you shouldn’t judge yourself based on this transition or start-up phase. You just have to make it a part of your practice, to get back up and starting looking at your life as if you have all the time in the world. Because you do. When I became my own boss it took me about 3 months to realize that I don’t have to be in the office for a certain time each day, I can take a nap when I need to, and most work doesn’t take the same amount of time that working as an employee does. Who ever said it takes a 40 hour work week to get a sufficient amount of work done? Read more on this with Tim Ferriss.

3. Fear
I stepped away from a job because of the fear that I would never be anything bigger if I didn’t leave. The fear that my ideas and creativity would perish if I didn’t do it while I was young. The fear that if I waited to take risks in life, I would have kids and a house and need the security. We are conditioned to fear. And we don’t have to. So my advice, do whatever you have to do to move past FEAR. Because it will shave years off your life and happiness off your experience. I started to overcome fear through the practice of yoga. But I added in huge doses of inspiration from thought leaders, support from family, friends, and people like my coach, Julia. This hasn’t been a solo journey, each person along the way makes it a little bit easier.

4. Purpose
With out first finding my ultimate purpose, to transform lives through yoga, none of this would be possible. It drives me everyday… you must find this and pursue it. “It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another.” -Bhagavad Gita

This is just a glimpse. Have more questions? Ask me.

Why do yoga during your work day??

This is what one of my regular students had to say about doing yoga during her regular work week. I had the great opportunity to work with her in a variety of ways, but most recently in my week day yoga class at Brandeis University. “I was always trying to get more people to do more things with less resources at work. It is pretty chaotic. It creates an intense amount of stress… I get very tired, agitated, tense in my shoulders and lower back. I crave caffeine and sugar. I feel my self clenching my jaw all the time. When I walk out of class on a Wednesday, I feel as good or better than how I felt Monday morning. I don’t feel clenched up, more relaxed… and what ever is going to happen will happen, we will figure it out. I want more, I crave yoga during the week. I feel relaxed, centered, calm, focused – that is a very big deal for me. I notice what I don’t get from doing weight training and cardio and it makes me want more yoga. Because this in the middle of my work day, middle of my work week, it makes me feel like I can get through the rest of the week! I feel renewed. It definitely puts you back in touch with yourself. I do wonder what this would feel like if I did it everyday. I mean wow.” She also let us know that she: sleeps better on days she does yoga has more patience at work and with her family stays clear, gets rid of the static in her mind enjoys the physical stretching, twisting, and balancing Judith has been practicing on a regular basis with Audra Grady at Brandeis University over the past 6 months.