Yoga is an individual path of self-exploration. In ancient times yogis were trained from teacher to student, one-to-one. In the West we often think of yoga as a class that you go to and move around for an hour, with a “nap” at the end. The true path of yoga is many faceted, eight limbs, and can’t be achieved at the gym one hour a week. 


Individual Changemaker coaching sessions for committed individuals who want to make big change in the world. Book your free consultation and we can see if it is a good fit. Hey, at the very least you will walk away with some new clarity and concrete resources for what lies ahead. And at the most, it will be the very beginning of an exciting, beautiful journey! Book now:

The Changemaker Program is a unique virtual offering that takes groups of committed social activists, entrepreneurs, and world changers on a month long journey through yoga and meditation. Develop practices that sustain your energy so you can keep working toward your passion and purpose. Offer more of yourself to the world. Create a life of peace, energy, and creativity to keep you on your path of social change. Learn more. 

Transform. coming Spring 2013

A comprehensive introduction and overview of ancient and proven yoga and ayurveda wellness techniques. Learn about the basic human constitutions and your own personal tendencies, develop a lifestyle plan, and learn about food and recipe options that are fulfilling and delicious. Start to integrate wellness objectives and create sustainable habits of body and mind with individualized support.


Yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation classes, series, and workshops. Journey to the heart of your self. Find clarity in body, mind, and emotion. Mold your intentions and define your purpose, on the mat and in the world. Weekly classes, workshops, series, and special events.  Learn more.