Are you in this category? “…people who continually infuse new energy and ideas into the effort to solve our most pressing social problems,” said Luis Ubiñas, president of the Ford Foundation. “They are thinkers and doers—people who pursue their vision with determination and a laser focus on impact.” If you said yes, or maybe even thought, “that would be nice, but I am not quite at that level…” or know you want to pursue your unique purpose and passion, then I might be able to help you.

Through yoga philosophy and practice (this doesn’t mean going to a hot yoga studio and putting your leg behind your head) we develop daily and weekly practices that keep you strong and clear about your purpose. Together we break through limiting beliefs and move past emotional blocks so you can bring your intellect and grace to the world. Whether you are challenged by keeping up with your health and wellness in the day-to-day, feel stuck in your current career step, or simply know that you could be thriving and your not quite feeling it… I think I can help!

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21-Day Changemaker Practice Challenge

Are your interested in sleeping, eating, and exercising better? Maybe losing weight, doing more yoga, or sitting down for meditation? Feel like sometimes you just can’t figure out how to keep your motivation for something you know is good for you? You are invited to the 21-Day Changemaker Practice Challenge. An opportunity to find support and guidance in creating positive daily habits, pursuing those things you keep trying but failing at, and creating a vibrant life that you want to live! Read on if you would like to stop making excuses, and dive into the challenge. If you think you can’t do it, I will teach you how to get past that pesky voice in your head… With a strong daily practice you build a foundation to make clear decisions, pursue your purpose and passions, and make greater change in your life and the world. We will be using practical yoga and ayurveda tools, along with your personal interests and lifestyle, to design your unique practice.

21-Days | 3 Weeks | $147  | Next Session Starts: June 10th with Audra Grady

What you’ll get:

  • like minded community to call on and share your experience
  • a devoted mentor to rely on, to ask questions of, and learn from
  • practices that sustain you, fill you up, and keep you going day-to-day
  • release from physical tension, better sleep, and more head space
  • tool box of resources, exercises, recordings, and worksheets
  • guided meditations, yoga sequences, and answers to your burning questions
  • inspiration, good feelings, and warm fuzzies to keep you going on your world changing path

How it works:

  1. Three 60-minute virtual sessions (by phone) with recordings to keep and Q&A’s, reflection opportunities, and activities
  2. Guided meditations, yoga sequences, and online resources
  3. A private online group to connect with other Changemakers like yourself
  4. A personal journal to track your progress and keep you moving
  5. Access to me for questions and help when you get stuck
  6. AND, 1 Hour of Private Coaching

All this for one payment of $147, or two payments of $79. 

Don’t miss the first session… We start Monday, May 6th at 7pm EST

Group Coaching Calls: Save the Dates
June 12th, 19th, and 26th 2013 7-8pm EST

Guest interviews with Changemakers that have found what keeps them going, including Julia Kious Zabell, Coach to Do-Gooding Entrepreneurs

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Individual Changemaker Coaching

Coaching sessions for committed individuals who want to make big change in the world. You know that you could be doing more. You want to leave this world a better place every day. You are willing to commit the time to develop yourself as a leader, thinker, and take constant action against injustice.

Book your free consultation and we can see if it is a good fit. Hey, at the very least you will walk away with some new clarity and concrete resources for what lies ahead. And at the most, it will be the beginning of an exciting, beautiful journey. I want you to THRIVE. And I will be beside you each step of the way. Let’s talk!

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